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Pages: 90
Language: English
ISBN 9791220150422

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The Adventures of Beatrice and Risky is a story where two unlikely friends team up for some truly extraordinary escapades. What is true is their personalities.
Beatrice is cheeky and adventurous. However, Risky is not like his name at all, But more formal and uptight and thinks most things he doesn’t understand are Silly, very silly. From encountering a strange lizard called Lick-Ettie-Split to a magical broom, Basil Broom, they become the main characters of their own story! Join them on their whimsical journeys filled with friendship, courage, and excitement. Young readers are sure to be enchanted by their unique bond and thrilling adventures!

Rick’s lifelong career has been in advertising, initially in Sydney, Australia. Starting out as an Art Director then progressing to Creative director, His work took him to Asia where in 2001 he was Creative director for a big multi-national agency based in Saigon. Some 6 years ago his accumulated skills turned him to Children’s books.
Beatrice and Risky do exist in his own inner-city courtyard. Their interactions inspired him to capture and greatly enhance their world for the enjoyment of children.


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