SUBLIMINISM – Lee Richardson

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Is it relevant to describe oneself as a middle-aged man from the cold yet temperate Northeast of England? Father of three and stepfather to one, all of whom keep his world spinning: will such a description win his work benefactors and a brownie point among the readerships – maybe even tempt open a pocket? The author sincerely hopes so because, as you will find in the pages of this volume, he owes his ex-wife a house.
But their existence in his life is reward enough and keeps and maintains a heart beating and a gratitude, quite often unexpressed, except for in the ethereal notes you will find, at times, pouring from the pages of this book. SUBLIMINISM is the place where you will find that middle-aged man, dancing alone, loving life, hands to the sky, and just having a bit of moonshine.
If you want to know a writer read their book. If you want to know their soul… read them all.

According to a well-known theory, since the average age of a cell is about seven years, over that time, all the cells of the body would be regenerated, making each person a whole new individual. Lee Richardson was taught as a child to believe in 7-year cycles, and since then, has added to this theory his own astrological spin with unexpected biographical revelations.
Baby Aries was born to grow into the boy who caught butterflies and hunted mice amongst the cornfields beyond his backyard; a young adventurer, always willing to try anything once. The schoolkid Taurus, crammed with the heaviness of curriculum education, first learnt the full weight of societal institutions. The shy teenager Gemini paved with stuttering communication the way for friendships that survived a lifetime – or didn’t – as he suffered the loss of some of those most beloved to him. Adulthood would shine a stage light onto the meaning of everything, as in Cancer’s cycle, his daughter was born in July, protected under the hard shell of his fatherhood, and held against the soft belly of his love. The grown man, a wandering Lion, found his Lioness, and within a few years with the birth of their children they had their Pride and basked in a warm and beautiful sunshine, preparing for marriage.
Maturity came with Virgo’s need to cross the i’s and dot the t’s. And then the wheels fell off, and the man lay in his cell, asking for judgement. It fell on the Libra to balance with feathers and lead as he finished his sentence and felt the bliss of release and the pain of a broken marriage. He wrote a book and then some, his tongue more barbed as he learned that some things can’t be swept under and left to fester. As his time approaches and breaches, the middle-aged Scorpio knows that passion and emotion need an outlet and welcomes his 7-year cycle as the most interesting yet.


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