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Slum Heaven Gamblers is an exaggerated portrayal of life in a povertystricken slum and township plagued with gang thrills and community uproars in which a teenage girl narrates her journey of self-discovery surrounded by her internal conflicts and unweaving faith in righteousness, condemnation of sin and belief which is tested and defied by experiences.
In abusive relationships, she finds comfort and wonders off to psychologically battle the good that is done for and to her.
During her journey, she loses her innocence, and she battles with herself as a teenager in prime puberty state in gang violence and young first-time love ecstasies. The story sheds light on religious beliefs, the struggle to survive growth through the demand for age maturity, moral deprivation, and faith in God and gods.

Lungile Lubuzo was born in the townships of the city of Durban, South Africa on the 10th of May 1993.
The only surviving child of late mother Duduzile Patience Mhongo and father Michael Lubuzo raised by stepmother Monica Thobeka Lubuzo.
A heritage of Zulu and Xhosa dynasties is her cultural inheritance. Official records of her education began in 2001 at Nobuhle International Primary school which is where the excessive hoppy of writing descriptive poetry began and later on graduated in Bachelor of Social work in the summer of 2018 at the University of South Africa.
Besides creative writing she also enjoys creative arts and farming. Slum Heaven Gamblers is her first published book.


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