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Silent Ebony explores Jesse Yaw’s most intimate, profound, and heartfelt collections of poetry and prose, which unravels and probes the most intricate and complex aspects of human nature, such as love, rejection, pain, trauma, faith, abuse, identity, war, relationships, family ties and pathology.
It also explores racial injustice, trauma, using a myriad of carefully woven tactile and visual imagery, using personification as a means to allow readers to draw close to his mind, heart, spirit, and soul.
Jesse’s poetry collection fearlessly addresses current political issues such as black political identity, the violation of black female pathology, and the struggle for freedom and racial equality. The collection of poetry serves as a sacred text, which provides healing, community, and an outpouring for the pure and unashamed voices of those who are marginalised, and those who seek rejuvenation. Providing a formidable social commentary on the state of modern society in the global village and life.

Jesse Yaw is a Ghanaian intellectual, writer, poet, investor, political and economic theorist, and Businessman.
He previously released his debut novel, The Deconstruction of Humanity’s Voice, But We
Are Still Standing, which has been widely acclaimed and internationally recognised, and catalogued in the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture in the United States of America, as well as the Black Cultural Archives in the United Kingdom.
He is a racial equality activist and philanthropist, an advocate for global peace, social reform, and justice. Jesse was born in the United Kingdom, his heritage sewn into the fabric of the Royal Ashanti tribe of the Akan people.


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