PRIMORDIAL YOGIC MOVEMENT – Susan Blackwood Reynolds

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Pages: 234
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This book expands capacity to respect and honor other species through widening the lens on life. The author’s truly innovative content choreographs the evolution of movement in a series of exercises ranging from first movements of single cell life and progressing to the more complex biomechanics of animals. The workouts begin in water with non-conventional aquatic strokes of organisms to add to your swim repertoire; then, following evolutionary history, the exercises progress onto land with amphibian and animal movements to arrive at hominin physiology and evolution. Experiential expression of other species makes it easy to see how laws of nature may apply to us. While a journey back in time to see ourselves as just another hominin species is overdue, it has remained alive in many indigenous cultures; we have only to look.
Blending natural history, paleontology, biomechanics and yoga expertise, the author brings an extensive, multidisciplinary method to narrow the gap that separates us. This book will show you how experiential expression can not only enhance a personal movement practice but expand the knowledge of ourselves as human and of the living world around us.

SUSAN BLACKWOOD REYNOLDS was born in the U.S. and raised overseas.
Early adolescent experiences in Europe at a Scottish Calvinist girl’s school helped to form Susan’s interest in what influences may acculturate us in communities.
After an early career in broadcast production and graphic design, pursuits in the field of fitness, nutrition and somatic health drove change in her work choices.
She trained in various yoga and somatic practices and taught classes which led her to a Masters in Holistic Health Ed from John F. Kennedy University and to blog on health and science under the pseudonym Samana (now on Substack). Susan’s work as a teacher, facilitator and writer is grounded in somatic psychology, education, nutrition, dance theory and complementary therapies. She is an advocate for land conservation and biodiversity which complements her current research in the life sciences and adds impetus to a lifelong interest in methodologies that help balance and adjust outlooks to see ourselves more clearly as a species.


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