OCKHAM’S RAZOR – Ricardus Sapiens

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ENTIA NON SUNT MULTIPLICANDA PRAETER NECESSITATEM. – Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity, the methodological principle underlying scientific thought known as OCKHAM’S RAZOR which is also the title of this collection of four stories in the form of direct speech, consistent with the requirements of logical possibility. It is presented as a programme of ongoing assignments given to a group of philosophy students (of varying ages) by their Professor, to be conducted as a collective endeavour.
The stories, or dramatic tableaux, woven together by a common thread, interlace the realms of art and philosophy inextricably, forging an intricate bond.
Ockham’s Razor, poised at the intersection of methodological rigour and narrative splendour, unfurls as a circular odyssey. It is a journey of profound reflection upon weighty themes, including the enigma of the human condition and the nature of truth itself. In its essence, Ockham’s Razor metamorphoses into a carousel, a cyclical excursion that finds resonance in the immortal words of T.S. Eliot, we shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring – the end of the book in this case – will be to arrive where we began and know the place for the first time.
Ockham’s Razor is a book for everyone and especially suitable for book clubs, for a collective experience just like that of the characters.

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus has remarked in one of the notes that he addressed to himself (6.44): “As Antoninus my city and country is Rome, as a man [a human being] it is the world.” It is a statement that the author strongly identifies with.

Ricardus Sapiens (a ‘nom de plume’) was born in Margaret River, a country town in the southwest of Western Australia, and has lived in Australia all his life, apart from several short trips to Russia. Having been trained, originally, as a general music teacher he has acquired much experience in the areas of music composition, music teaching – private piano teaching especially – and music history. Two pieces of his for orchestra have been performed publicly – one by the WASO (Western Australian Symphony Orchestra) and the other by the Fremantle Orchestra. He understands Homeric and Classical Greek and Latin a little and is familiar with several other languages but speaks none of them fluently. He currently resides, with his partner, Louise Pain, in Melbourne and is working on a second book, MORE LIMPID THAN THE DAWN.
(Ricardus Sapiens is a Latinized version of Richard Wise.)


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