NOW I KNOW MY ABCs – Maisie Nesbitt

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Pages: 52
Language: English
ISBN 9791220110075

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Teaching is not easy. The deadlines, the day-to-day school routine, the pressure of liaising between the classroom and the home (with parental demands and all they may entail…), and of course, the delicate task of taking care of young, growing, and curious souls ready to embark on this adventure called life. A task that is as delicate as it is essential and rewarding, with its highs and lows. And teaching during the pandemic of Covid-19 surely shed new light on the dynamics of this profession, requiring much adaptability from students and educators alike. In contrast to a relatable language, almost reassuring situations, what Maisie Nesbitt observes in Now I Know My ABCs are the layers of complexity that her career entails, and with a considerate touch she paints the light and shadows of a world made of paper, ink, mistakes, and laughter.

Maisie Nesbitt is a teacher in the South East of England. Now I know my ABCs is her first poetry collection, which tackles the experience of teaching in all its perspectives and aspects, both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Maisie is also a keen reader, dancer and cook.


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