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My Zambian Folktales and Geo-Tales is composed of a series of folk and geographical tales that lead us to discover the culture and nature of Zambia.
It tells us the story of a little princess who lived in a kingdom in northern Zambia and during a journey she met many animals and faced some difficulties.
It continues with sixteen rivers fighting against the Chambeshi River for control of a vast territory. We then meet a young angel who must learn to use his sword to create lightning and thunder. It tells of the friendship between two friends and the threat of a hippopotamus, described as a very dangerous and aggressive animal, telling the importance of friendship and personal sacrifice to help others. Finally, we see how the Earth itself complains about the negative effects of pollution and human action on the environment.

Dr A. Mulamba Chibesakunda is a Zambian, born in Ndola and raised in Lusaka. She finished her Medical studies at Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine and has worked in Zambia for more than 10 years.
She has taught children from all walks of life about the bible and has participated in donations of reading books to different government and community schools.
She hopes to pass on wise teachings to the next generations through her stories.


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