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My Time in the Asylum: Surviving America follows Jaime, a young political consultant on the rise, as she struggles to pull the US Army into the 21st century and hide a chronic health condition. It’s honest, darkly funny and inspired by true events.

Jaime wanted to do good, help fix the country. She would never have described herself as an optimist, but it didn’t take long before working in politics turned her into a cynic. Well, that and living in, more or less, constant pain.

Eventually, Jaime decides to take a job at the Pentagon. She knows she’ll be a fish out of water but after going toe to toe with a Middle Eastern monarch she won’t be intimidated by a room full of generals. Right?

Jaime discovers it’s worse than she ever could have imagined. The US Army, her new client, is collectively the world’s biggest group of crybabies. Now, she’s stuck in what seems to be a functional version of Mad Men with drones. What on earth has she done and how can she fix it?

Brenna Bozarth is a recovering American consultant. She advised politicians, governments, and companies – ranging from biotech to aviation – in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for over a decade. She has worked in the heart of the European Union and been embedded at the Pentagon. Now, she lives in Canada with her partner.

1 review for MY TIME IN THE ASYLUM: SURVIVING AMERICA – Brenna Bozarth

  1. 5 out of 5


    Brenna paints a great (if bleak) picture of what it’s like working for an antiquated institution and beautiful walks the reader through Jaime’s growing disillusionment with the US while trying hard to do good by her employees and morals.

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