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Legend of the white eagles comes as an attempt to create a piece rich in story lines and adventure. Yet here too, we can hear a recognisable voice, art has no pretence, everyday life gently intertwines with the higher messages and the magic, nature is a beautifully inspiring helper of the wise while above all, quietly but almighty, is God’s love.
The writing is very true to life and very colourful at the same time. The landscapes are so vivid that we can almost sense the fresh mountain breeze always accompanying the strong characters to remind them of hope and that is the main message, delicate and confident.

Hristo Al. Santulov was born on Oct 30th in the ancient town of Plovdiv (Philipopolis) in 1940. He is a young child during the harsh post-WWII years. Time and place made their mark on him. Young Hristo is fascinated by the vibrant fast developing town full of characters of all nationalities. Its famous seven hills are the home of numerous children’s games and dreams.
But above all are the picturesque Rhodope mountains whispering their legends. That’s why his first book of fairy tales is called The Magy of the Mountains.
Far from being autobiographical or moralizing, Hristo shares the deepest values, ideas and impressions, the beauty of places and people that preserved the child born to a family of illiterate parents that still remembers the hunger and the bread tickets of post-war times. This kid grows up to be a pater familias, a philosophy doctor, an entrepreneur and a writer in his eighties, as fresh in his mind and tales as the mountain breeze he loves to describe so much.

The Magy of the Mountains, a collection of fairy tales by Hristo Santulov, was published by Booktrail agency, New York, January 2023. The book was presented at the London book fair this year and can be found on Amazon.

5 reviews for LEGEND OF THE WHITE EAGLES – Hristo Al. Santulov

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am very, very impressed with the novel! The captivating adventure plot and wonderful descriptions are interwoven with four tender romantic story lines that will touch the heart of every reader regardless of their age. The images are vivid and convincing. The reader at any moment understands their actions and empathizes with them. The values of different cultures are beautifully represented! Impartially, without judging any of them, the author emphasizes that prejudice is a harmful thing, but people have the power to choose their own path of action, and even in the most hopeless circumstances, wisdom and kindness can lead us to a happy outcome.
    I really liked how the magical and realistic elements were intertwined. This gives the reader the opportunity to look at the world around with different eyes.
    The narration flows smoothly and the book is read in one sitting. I will look forward to other books by Hristo Santulov!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mariya Santulova

    I loved translating the story as the wording flows so naturally. I especially enjoyed the landscapes and the cityscapes. A pleasurabble read.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Nadezhda Slavova

    Taking off in thriving Smolyan in the heart of the Rhodopes, young hearts feel the moment has come to claim the time of their lives. Adventure takes them across big waters to distant lands, other peaks and ancient mysteries. And above all a tender but strong wing can be felt of a wisdom that is higher than anyone’s vision but still so close to the bosom of the pure hearted. That is a story and I strongly recommend it to any reader who is fond of the sweet old art of storytelling.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Emiliya Kamenova

    I love how Hristo Santulov combines vividness and mildness in his stories, creating fine compositions. Each piece is full of love, teaching hope, and sparkles with inspiration.

  5. 5 out of 5


    This novel is a piece of jewel. It takes us to an adventure in the Rhodope mountains, with a sense of expanse, vividness, and delicacy. It brings us to our own hearts, giving us a present of wisdom and spark. The story runs so fluently that it is read in one breath.

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