I’M STILL ME – Ann Kathleen Edgar

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Pages: 87
Language: English
ISBN 9791220112505

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Whilst we all have our moments and trials it is inspirational to read about the journeys of other people and see how they have coped in adversity. “Imagine growing up in Northern Ireland at that time, and eventually finding the strength and courage to break away from a life that, if you had stayed, would have ended up eating you up and making you just another sad figure amongst many who would share the same fate, just like their parents before them.”
An inspirational, heartwarming story about a woman finding herself after surviving breast cancer. A story of love, betrayal and heartache. Holly finds true love that was right in front of her all along. Dealing with loss, self-confidence and self-esteem, her story is interesting and heartbreaking at times but always with hope and positivity tacked on at the end.

A. K. Edgar was born in small seaside town in Northern Ireland. This is her debut novel written during lockdown while recovering from breast cancer treatment. She has always been interested in English literature and art from an early age. She has worked as a senior coordinator for many years throughout the service industry. She now lives in leavy Surrey village supported by close friends and family. She continues with her love for drawing and painting, being an inspiration and hope for all those fighting breast cancer surviving in staying positive and strong.


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