Finding Them – Lorna Stevenson

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Pages: 240
Language: English
ISBN 9791220135931

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Summer is the time for road trips, beach days and bonding with friends. That’s exactly what Will has in store, but with friends like his, the experience will be anything but ordinary. Adam is back and he wants the life he walked away from. The others can do a lot but they’re going to need Will’s help this time. Join Will and the others as they fight to find their way back to themselves and each other in the sequel to ‘Knowing Them’.

Lorna Stevenson is a psychology graduate from Dundee University, raised in Edinburgh, who finds happiness in her writing. In 2020 she published ‘Knowing Them’, and has now written its sequel. The characters in these books have travelled with Lorna to every cafe she writes in, every Scottish city she lives in and are a part of her. She is thrilled to share them with you again.


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