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Lessons from the pandemic taught us health and happiness are our responsibility and that we thrive with connection and community. As helpers, all of us, we hustle and grind, with the noblest of values serving others, hoping our actions and presence make a difference in the world and it’s led to self-sacrifice and burnout. Now, it’s paramount the workplace reflects the acceptance of self-care practice and we shift to a united focus of self-care and collective care. This book is a must read for parents, caregivers, and those in helping professional roles who desire: health, success, love and joy. Within its pages are strategies and tips for prioritizing wellbeing for both individuals and collective care.
Ready to shift from burnt out surviving to living the flourishing life you deserve AND make a difference in the world?

Wellbeing has been Gillian’s lifelong pursuit, personally and professionally as a high school educator and guidance counsellor. Confronted with a mental health crisis, due to an intensely emotional separation, she realized that to support her children and students, she needed to prioritize her health. Passionate about helping others, her books provide hope and support for helpers who feel overwhelmed with job demands and the breakneck speed of life. Gillian believes one choice, one action at a time we create the flourishing life we deserve and transform the world, leading by example.

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