CHERRYTALE – Alisa Morozova

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Pages: 146
Language: English
ISBN 9791220148535

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Cherrytale is a comic book in the genre “vintage adventure” for ages from 6 to 12 years old. It has a really simple, but at the same time interesting (especially for children) drawing style. Because of the nice, soft colors this will also be more attractive for parents. They might think that “it is better if I will buy something which is not going to disturb my child’s brain with acidic, unnatural colors. Instead, I will buy something similar to the old fairytale, like Andersen’s works, but translated in comics.” Also, this story can show children how difficult it is for plants, fruits and vegetables to stay alive, forced to co-exist with insects and other pests all the time.

Alisa Morozova was born in December 2009 in a small town. From early childhood she developed a passion for drawing, reading and thinking up stories.
When she turned 11 she moved to Slovakia where she entered an international school.
Two years later she went to an Austrian Gymnasium where she continues to study German and English.
During her life, she has drawn a lot and written short stories. This amazing book is the product of her incredible imagination and genius.


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