BAE TALES – Michaela Kedžuchová

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Written from a female perspective, Bae Tales is a collection of empowering poems about women’s self-love and self-worth. According to its author, ladies of all ages can relate to their verses which explore passionate emotions of lust, desire and intense intimacy. Her poetry evokes feelings of happiness, joy and sadness, and lyrics are a celebration of freedom of choice in terms of sexual preference: women should live shamelessly, but at the same time, they must have their right to choose what to do with their bodies when it comes to sexuality. A book that men should read to understand better women and the struggles they go through daily. Based on the real-life experience of the writer, who was 19 years old at the time, this personal and heartbreaking work of literature is one of the best ways to gain perspective and understand a woman’s point of view at her most vulnerable.

Born under the sign of Taurus, Michaela Kedžuchová was raised by a group of women. Growing up in a world without men and no guidance, she’s become a gentle, full of loving and brave spirit who has taken on the world. Writing has always been an important form of self care for Michaela, helping her through hard times. And, needless to say, this “Amazon” of a woman successfully penned down her thoughts on paper, as some kind of therapy. This work, which was conceived during the later years of her adolescence, addresses important themes concerning self-love and self-worth of women and aims at empowering them.


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