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When Kayley and her brother Stephen decide to buy and renovate an old house near the beach in west Adelaide, murder was the last thing on either of their minds. The body found under their newly built patio changes everything. It turns out to be Stephen’s ex-fiancé. To make matters worse when interviewed by the police a connection is found between Stephen and another murdered victim, his former teacher. With Stephen arrested, Kayley struggles to complete the renovations and clear her brother of murder.
All this started after Adam ran into Kayley, the girl he believed he was in love with 13 years ago. This chance meeting starts a sequence of murderous events. In his twisted mind, Adam sets about killing those he believes stand in his way of claiming his prize – Kayley.
This is where Matthew appears like a guardian angel. His father Adam convinces him that this is the chance he has been waiting for to rebuild a friendship and repair an old wound with Stephen. However, Adam is playing a darker game. As he kills one person after the other, an idea enters his mind he believes is so brilliant, make Stephen the fall guy.
Kayley and her siblings set a trap against police advice. They manage to capture Matthew, but Kayley is kidnapped in the process. For three days Adam holds her in his basement, dreaming of their upcoming wedding and their new life together. Believing she is finally ready and willing to marry him, he showers her with a lavish dinner he made. It is during this meal she manages to escape into the arms of the police.
When the police have him in custody, they realize he will never set foot in a courtroom.

Anja Grafton was born in Germany and moved to Australia when she was five years old. She lived in several states in Australia including NWS, Vic, and now SA.
She completed her BA in humanities in 1989, followed by her Secondary Teaching Degree in 1990, her BA in Creative Writing in 1996 and her Masters in Creative Writing in 1997.
She also played in the Navy Reserve Band in SA for eight years and enjoyed every moment.
She has always had pets either cats or dogs or both and she is, at present, the Rally Instructor at the Woodville Dog Club where her fourteen and half year-old Kelpie – Fox Terrier Cross called Sam, helps her instruct her students.
She enjoys walking, reading, writing, drawing and playing the flute. She loves living in the west of Adelaide and walking along the beaches.



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