ACROSTIC WORLD – Promise Beshel

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Pages: 79
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ISBN 9791220104173

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The author offers a detailed and realistic, sometimes enchanted, description of the current world situation. An eclectic tormented world full of problems, inequalities, injustices, degradation… What the author tries to do through his intricately crafted words is not only to identify the problems that afflict all the people of the world but to try to offer solutions to challenges that we face every day globally. His words are harsh but at the same time true, objective testimony, of a world that seems to have forgotten harmony, peace, and equality. He successfully stirs the reader to reflect upon the world we live in.

Promise Beshel, born in Nigeria in 1985, grew to be passionate about the upholding of human dignity, and remains a firm believer in the attainment of a just, more peaceful, and healthier planet. It is to this end that he sought a unique way to drive a one world message on the backdrop of creative excellence, presenting a unique approach to the ageless ideals of love, unity, and harmony. He remains an open-minded human whose flaming hunger for creativity has helped unfound the lines of colour, clannishness, language, and partisanship in this book. He has steadily honed his writing skills right from high school, much to the admiration of his immediate community and most of his circle of social media friends. He is a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and a graduate of the 2019 YCombinator’s Startup School. He is certified by Google in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and holds a Certificate of Accomplishment in Introduction to Project Management, from the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He also holds a Certificate of Achievement in Ideas for a better World: Leading Change Through Policy Making, from the British Council. He is a member of Junior Chamber International wherein he is a Certified Trainer, Administrator, and Presenter, amongst other JCI qualifications and offices held at both Chapter and Regional levels. Promise Beshel has, within his capacity, played crucial roles in humanitarian service from his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) days up till date, the most recent being his Personal Social Responsibility project which seeks to add value to the quality of education of the citizenry, at least one person at a time.


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2 reviews for ACROSTIC WORLD – Promise Beshel

  1. 5 out of 5


    I enjoyed reading this book. The author creatively captured UN-SDGs in this poetic prose that covered all the countries of the world. Love, peace, equality, all liberal ideals are the central themes.

    What if we are more accepting of others? Wouldn’t our world be a much better place and our timed existence be worth it?

    This book calls us to action. You should read it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    “Acrostic World is a work of art, combining fine poetry with prose. It stirs the reader up take action in their own little corner as it relates to UN-SDGs. I love it!”

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