When He Loved Another – Hafsah Ali

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Aziza is an ordinary, average Malaysian girl. She goes to school, loves her mother, father, and siblings, she studies diligently and obeys her elders. But her life is tragically changed when, unexpectedly and suddenly, her family dies in a car accident. Her grandparents, for a few years, fill the void left in Aziza’s heart, but too soon the girl finds herself in the situation of being, once again, alone. And it’s in that moment that she discovers the truth: she is, in fact, adopted. All the comments, all the whispers she heard when she was a child now start to make sense. Determination, education, and an unmovable faith are the pillars that keep supporting Aziza throughout her life. What her family left her, above all, are solid and precious moral values.
Among the adversities of facing the world without a family’s support and advice, she will become a successful woman, surrounded by her friends and a loving husband. A tale told through the eyes of a bright Malaysian Islamic girl making her way in a westernised world. A book about the undying values of honesty, family, and the endless, forgiving love of God.

Hafsah Ali, a Singapore born lady, was educated at Madrasah Radin Mas and St Theresa’s Convent. She is a widely travelled lady, thanks to her occupation as a passenger relations officer with Malaysia Airlines. She met royalties, prime ministers, governors, ministers, company big wigs and celebrities from all over the world. “Never a dull moment! I made many friends and grew up at the airport!” With a good retrenchment package, she flew to Cairo to study Arabic with the intention of going into tourism-related business. A one-month holiday in Damascus, Syria, changed her life. Ashamed that she could memorise the world’s map but never improved her spiritual knowledge, she enrolled at Al Fatah Islamic School. She attended an evening class (at Ahmad Qiftaro Foundation) at Abu Al Nur Islamic Centre; obtained a diploma in Dialogue of Civilisation and Dakwa focusing on her studies for three years. She returned not as a Jihadist carrying guns but as a lady donned in hijab, showing modesty, humility, compassion, and kindness.
She is now involved in voluntary work at St Luke’s Hospital, and writing has become her passion. She loves talking to young people and she is also an animal lover. Her motto in life now is: “Be nice, be kind, be grateful.”


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