Two Worlds – Heather Pedley

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Pages: 405
Language: English
ISBN 9791220120074

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Two Worlds is a an adventurous, compelling, exciting journey to mysterious geographical and spiritual places, seen through the eyes of the protagonist Jules, an independent and free-spirited woman. A chance encounter with Daniel, a metaphysical figure from another world, puts Jules on a path of inner discovery, growth and awareness. Her task is arduous and very risky. Jules challenges the evil forces dominating humanity. The question is, will she succeed?

Life has been a mystery to humanity for so very long, does this sound far-fetched? Ridiculous even? Well, the universe is not what you think it is, it’s a far cry from your imagination and perception…

Heather Pedley is an artist and writer, with a successful career producing animated films for television. Her written works include, Soulworkers: Through the Veil, and The BRAP, a reference book for Complimentary Health and Alternative Practise in the United Kingdom.


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