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This book is intended for all parents of visual thinking children who
see that their child is struggling with the educational system, as well
as for the teachers of these children and for the children themselves,
who are trying to fit into the system.

Visual thinking and the learning system don’t go well together. As the voice of a mother who became a practitioner, The Visual Thinking Brain, at home and at school, explains in detail the different ways our brain can operate: Visual or Verbal. After years of study, Natasja Esmeijer will make us familiar with the less known -but equally valuable- way of learning and thinking: the Visual way.
Visual thinking isn’t as straightforward as you should think: there are a lot of different aspect to keep in mind and all of them will pass in this book. From High Sensitivity, diagnoses such as ADHD and Autism to Highly Giftedness, the different brain areas and the working direction for reading and writing. It explains in detail why you can have certain problems at school and at home when you are a Visual thinker and how you can cope with those challenges as a teacher or as a parent.
Even for yourself, as an adult Visual Thinker, you can find the answers to cope with life since: when you are born a Visual thinker you will be so throughout your life and challenges won’t stop when school is over.

I believe this will be a very important book for parents and teachers. I love that it has personal anecdotes and very effective, appropriate and fun suggestions of ways of working with children — of all ages and learning styles. The explanation of brain/body development and the hemispheres is clear and easily understandable.
All through the book, it comes with a compassionate care for the differences inherent in human nature, reminding parents and educators that children are made of flexible material, capable of benefiting from understanding and accommodating their unique differences and gifts. So, it was a joy reading this book and I do hope it does very well — the world needs it now.

The learning process of the Verbal and Visual Thinking Brain – YouTube

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