THE STORM – Flavia Crihana

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Pages: 106
Language: English
ISBN 9791220117081

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The Storm is an emotional forecast of a soul defeated by patriarchal society that is trying to regain its balance back. Through her poems, the reader explores Orion’s hidden and indecent thoughts and desires, dealing with love, life and the fear of death. The writer depicts her battle with mental health and honestly exposes her vulnerabilities, trying to find her place in a mad and insensitive world.
The main theme of The Storm is the search of Love as a perfect connection through mind, body and soul, as well as natural phenomenons used as a metaphor for Orion’s deeper wounds and traumas. It also depicts the body as a decaying organism, and examines taboo topics as sexuality and female self-pleasuring.

Flavia Crihana started her writing journey after an overwhelming break up in 2018. Nevertheless, she feels like writing is a creative calling she was born with, part of her DNA. In her darkest moments writing was the ultimate tool to find relief and to give grief and pain a voice. She was able to use the pen as a tool to find a meaning in the pain and confusion, an inner order in the storm of thoughts and emotions she was experiencing. Through her words, the reader is transported into a path of loss, grief and solitude, just to find a new beginning where everything seems to end.


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