THE SAMURAI – Giannis Giannakakis

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Pages: 117
Language: English
ISBN 9791220122924

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The Samurai is the story of what looks like a normal guy who is struck by tragedies. Many people he loves are killed and he swears revenge. His strong sense of morality and honesty pushes him to learn a Japanese Aikido art. This martial art gives self-control in body and mind. That allows him to become the best sniper mankind has ever seen. He is a real warrior with the courage of a hero. Thanks to his bravery, he will be able to kill the Hezbollah’s biggest terrorist. By getting revenge over his enemies, will he find peace and tranquility? The story brings up a real subject which is War and terrorist attacks. In this book we find bravery, honesty, passion and determination. It is a journey around the world: places well known for their long history of conflict, but also places in Europe, hit by terrorist attacks, in the last ten years. It is also a trip inside ourselves: a “Samurai does not need to be tough to prove his strength. Without this quality we are on the same level as animals. The true power of a warrior ‒ but also of every other human being ‒ is revealed”.

Giannis Giannakakis was born and raised in Athens. He is a qualified lawyer at the Supreme Court in Greece. After serving for 25 years as general counsel in global companies operating in Greece and Europe, he specialised in Data Protection and Cybersecurity. As a Data Protection Counsel, he gained international acknowledgment and was recognised as the most awarded Greek Data Protection Officer globally and one of the top 200 Privacy Professionals in Europe. Giannis is also a professional DJ playing regular sessions in many popular bars and pubs in Athens for the last 12 years .In 2020 Giannis published his first novel The dog that played the blues with KAPA Publishing House that became a best seller in Greece. In 2021 he published two more novels The Samurai The Alien. Since 2020 Giannis is living in Valencia, Spain.


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