THE REPLICA OF MY MOTHER’S RELIC – Adaeze Christlene Nwankwo

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The desire to make poetry is a consequence of a way of life, of facing reality with the force, passion and tenacity that belongs to every poet, of seeing beyond the surface of things, of grasping hidden truths, of discovering the flavors and scents of familiar places and of expressing personal feelings.
The purpose of this collection is precisely to push the reader to a deep reflection of himself and the world around him, through the eyes of a young woman, first full of hope for life, and then disillusioned as she grew older and became aware of the reality of a male-dominated society, always ready to belittle and exploit the experiences and abilities of young women.
The direct transmission of impulsive or reasoned sensations is frequent and widespread in the collection that, therefore, highlights an instinct and a genuineness trait of her poetic vein.

“How do you spell love without fire?
How do you measure passion without thunder?
How do you spell me, without you?”

“I’m not your modern girl. I’m the replica of my mother’s relic. The unfolding story of centuries of
her truth, caged, forged and submerged in history of censored and broken spirit.”

Adaeze Christlene Nwankwo is a poet, writer and founder of Girls and Poems, a platform that helps girls connect with their feelings, heal through poetry, and build their self-worth through reading, writing, and sharing poems.
She also advocates for the use of poetry as a therapeutic tool for young adults to navigate their world. When not volunteering and writing, she loves traveling, seeing new places, taking in new cultures, and learning about her surroundings.
She teaches and mentor young girls.

She champions the need for teaching one’s mother tongue to children as it is a vital part of identity building. Part of her knack for cultural awareness is to learn and share history of her people, the Igbo race, while encouraging documentation through arts as well as other available mediums. She also believes poetry is a vital tool for healing, if properly channeled can become a unifying force for nations and a therapeutic device for young people, families and the larger society.


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