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Serageldin Fayed guides us through the many relevant topics of Islamic culture and gives clear and concise explanations to long unanswered questions by offering us a little gem that will shed new light on Islam.
In an effort to help non-Muslims to understand the problems of modern Islamic society, he destroys many of the foundations that Muslims today regard as axioms, and he is repairing what scholars have made of the original Islam in the past. He pokes the open wounds of the invented Islam and questions all the layers that have been put over the original worship, century after century.
He examines the customs, traditions and changes that have altered the authentic principles of Islamic culture that have spread into Western society and have distort our understanding.
The complex system that ‘invented’ Islam has produced, is inevitably a part of German and Western society but where do the problems in today’s invented Islam come from? And what would be the solutions? Are we really striving for genuine integration and a civilised world without blood, hatred and violence?
Serageldin Fayed revolutionises our understanding of Islam in a fluid, brilliant essay that brings us closer to one of the religious pillars of humanity.

Serageldin Fayed is an Egyptian writer, born in Mit Ghamr in Dakahlia province on 21 May 1985 and an integration course instructor by profession. He has studied German language and literature at Al Azhar University in Cairo and attended various training courses and courses such as travel guidance in German at the Goethe Institute Cairo. In 2013 he moved to Germany and, in addition to his work as a teacher, he wrote several articles for the Landshuter Zeitung.
In Egypt as well as in Germany, reports about Serageldin Fayed also appeared in the press. In Berlin, he taught Arabic and German at the DTZ and VHS.
He currently teaches German as a second language in Haus International Landshut and, as an imam, helps people in word and deed.


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