THE RAVENELL DYNASTY TRILOGY – Book One – Enduring Love – Kamrynn Bellary

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Pages: 376
Language: English
ISBN 9791220131612

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The Ravenell Dynasty: Enduring Love is the story of the prestigious and wealthy Ravenell family. It is a fictional story but describes some real-life scenarios like arranged marriages, controlling mothers, hindered love, lack of natural affection mixed with lies and threats, as well as honesty and purity. It is a complicated and intriguing life story that evolves in a series of events which will strike the reader and catch one’s attention.
Nicolaus and Deirdre’s love is impeded by Ceil, the matriarch. She is the “boss” and plans peoples’ lives as she wishes. She brings despair into her son’s existence; she is cold and manipulating. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Nicolaus is a handsome and charismatic man. Women gravitate towards him, sensing his qualities of humility, courage, gallantry and kindness. He is meant to be with beautiful Deirdre but his mother “fixes it so it can never be”. Even though Deirdre is heartbroken, she still believes in true love so she endeavours to support her beloved, by encouraging him, being strong for him, as a woman can be. She is all that while fully respecting his relationship with a woman who hates him, bound to him by a marriage that is a “business transaction”.


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