THE MENAGERIE – Clare L. Roberts

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Pages: 233
Language: English
ISBN 9791220116510

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The Menagerie is a book based on different stories. These stories cover many periods of our history, from a seventeenth century violin maker in Italy to a petty thief out of his league in modern times. They are human stories about people caught at critical moments in their lives; a Swedish estate agent at the turn of the century, a young wife running away with a German prisoner at the end of the war, a farmer having an affair with his help in the fifties, a Bosnian Croat soldier on Millenium Eve, a young girl from a high rise staying at the sea side while her mother has treatment for cancer, a postman over run by abandoned animals to a hospital porter adopting a corpse, each has a story to tell. The secret of this book is the description of people, gestures, actions, things. Their being is so defined it immerses the reader in the stories, letting him personify the characters himself. They give a vivid picture of human life.

Clare L. Roberts lives in South West France. She was born in Manchester and has lived in different parts of England and the world. She studied Art, Drama and Education at Cheshire College, got a First-Class Honour’s Degree in English Literature at the University of Western Australia with an extra year studying Ancient History, Psychology and French. She returned to England to study Shakespeare and His Contemporaries, as a postgraduate at the University of Oxford. She taught at Chipping Norton Comprehensive School then Taunton Public School and finally at a boys Grammar School in Gloucester. She helped to set up a trout farm near Cheltenham and got the M. A. in Writing from Warwick University. She has written novels, plays films and short stories. Her novel Betrayal is in bookshops and online now. She is currently writing the stories of Shakespeare’s plays with personal introductions.



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