The Kitchen Cupboard Fairies – Catie Zorn

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Pages: 55
Language: English
ISBN 9791220127066

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“You know Cinnamon. I sometimes think that if Zelda did know about us, she would be very happy to have us here.”

Zelda loves two things: cooking and kids and kids love learning new sweet recipes from her “Cooking with Zelda” TV programme. But at home, Zelda’s kitchen holds a secret – it’s home to five fairies!

Tarragon, Tabasco, and Coriander are three young fairies full of mischief and with Cinnamon, the eldest and wisest and his wife Vanilla they have made a comfortable home in Zelda’s kitchen cupboard.

From running around on top of a birthday cake, to using spaghetti as a skipping rope, these fairies never get bored but will Zelda ever find out she has little helpers wandering around her kitchen?


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