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ISBN 9791220121040

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There you go. Happy birthday, little girl.” He passed her the present.
Madeline grabbed it and saw a black ink pen in her hands. On one of its sides, she
found a writing “Magic”.
“Thank you, daddy!” The girl chuckled.
“Whenever you write with it, the magic of your words will be revealed!”
“Magic of my words? What magic?”
“There are words that mean a lot. There’re letters which change people’s
lives. There are books that make people feel different. Not only do actions
have values, but words do too!”

In her eleventh year, magic reveals itself to Madeline, opening the door to a new world. Despite her misadventures, a new life awaits the young witch in the world of Ukronia. New friends, but above all new powers and new responsibilities. With the guidance of the wise Asteria, will Madeline be able to master her element? This first book in the saga guides the readers on an exciting adventure.

Karina Sema was born and raised in Ukraine. Always being a big dreamer, she loved creating her own worlds and imagining herself living in them. Despite a dream of becoming a musician, she chose a path of telling stories to people who love visiting other worlds as well. The magic of fantasy always fascinated her, thus she finally decided to share her world with others. The book Lord of the Rings gave her hope and inspired her to make the first step of writing. When she’s not writing, she can be found somewhere wondering in nature or with a book in her hands, living through another life. She is also a big activist and is always fighting for her beliefs, no matter what. Currently Karina’s studying in Vienna to become a journalist.


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