THE HOLY POET – Bjørn Stuverød

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Bjørn Stuverød can be considered an exponent of a new generation of accursed poets, who seek to give literary substance to their resentment towards the conventions of society and commonplaces that they consider superficial, constrictive, and oppressive.
The poems of the The Holy Poet are primarily a cry of rebellion against an easy morality that does not address the heart of human suffering, for which there is no easy remedy.
To build something new, one must first destroy: this is a possible subtext of these compositions, created by Bjørn Stuverød as The Holy Poet. However, it remains difficult to correctly identify how this healthy destruction is to be practised and the objectives towards which it should be directed.
The question arises as to what constitutes the holiness of the poet, which is echoed in the author’s self-appointment, and which mockingly always refers to the nature of accursed poetry mentioned at the beginning: this holiness is probably to be understood as the act of any poet when he breaks through the veil of hypocrisy and sees things from another perspective.
Such a perspective is not a superior source of truth, posed by an individual, but rather a new way of seeing things and finding one’s way within the problems that life confronts us with every day.

Bjørn Stuverød has led an eccentric and unconventional life accompanied by more or less dreamlike visions since he was born in 1969 in Norway.
In the world of literature, he has become the King of Norway and is not afraid of the affronts he may face from the authorities.
His aura expands and tries to infect all those who encounter his words.


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