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The Greatness of being different tells the story of Nathan, an autistic boy who was interned from an early age by his parents in a psychiatric hospital because of his condition. Since his stay in the hospital, Nathan understands that he has a gift: he is able to communicate telepathically with anyone in whom he perceives a need or a problem. After leaving the hospital, he is able to reintegrate into society thanks to Joyce, the babysitter of his siblings. Joyce will be able to look beyond appearances and see in Nathan not the guy with the Asperger syndrome but simply a person to feel attracted to, both physically and mentally. When one day Joyce is kidnapped and segregated by a man who wants to do some experiments on her, Nathan can’t avoid her from being abused. This will be his greatest regret, which will prompt him to decide to put his abilities at the service of the police, to allow the capture of dangerous criminals.

I.M Cabral is a journalist, psychologist and Autism Specialist. Her life journey and direct contact with the most vulnerable began in Angola, when she met people with different abilities and no support but had no skills or understanding at the time about how to help people who saw the world in a different way.
Later in the UK, she began to study about the subject and pursued her studies and working, with the understanding that love is the biggest ingredient to deal with all humans, regardless of any different ability. Within the autism world, she had the chance to meet amazing people whom she always had a great connection with. She also gained the ability to understand certain behaviours or face many of the situations that she witnessed and that could not find a medical or scientific explanation with no judgments, every experience not only helped her become a better human being but also awakened in her a great desire and need to raise awareness about this condition that millions around the world have.
The author of The Superpower of Caring for Others shares now on this book her continuing desire of combining her personal and professional skills to enlighten people from every background about the importance of respecting everyone’s differences and to understand that Autism doesn’t mean incapability but a different ability that needs to be respected and accepted. A great believer that empathy is the key to change humanity and that not everything will always have a logical explanation, she is committed to helping the most vulnerable and give them motivation to embrace who and how they are, improving their existing skills, promoting self believe along with raising acceptance worldwide regarding this condition, using different tools and different ways of reaching people according to the environment.


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