THE CHOSEN ONE – Kurt David Spurr

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Pages: 192
Language: English
ISBN 9791220137119

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The chosen one is the first of a series of novels in which the author represents a phase of his life. Starting from tracing real moments from his childhood and pre-adolescence, he adds fictional facts and events resulting from his psychotic episodes, of which he has been a victim for much of his life. In the book, always on the ridge between reality and hallucination, there is a series of characters and events that, although at first glance may seem real, lead us into the inner world of the main character Kurt Spurr, destined to be the chosen one of a modern, and almost despicable and reprehensible god.
His world is populated by bullies, gangs and friendly characters, evil people amongst how the world really works through god owning the world and calling the shots and really having powers. Kurt is trying to be the chosen one but he has to prove god and his family that he is worth being the chosen one to rule the galaxy. In order to become part of the contract world, Kurt suffers serious bullying from his entire school but let to know is years to come it is only going to get worse. He struggles on a daily basis as he has no one really to turn to with his problems, but he doesn’t know he is in a story and he has to complete it for him to be the most powerful person that has ever lived.
People are so jealous of Kurt because he is god’s grandson and can’t understand why he can’t die, as so many people have tried to kill him but don’t know what is in store for the rest of the world. In fact, he seems like a normal kid and the world doesn’t really believe Kurt will become that powerful as he was when he had powers. But the world has no clue that is going to happen, besides god and Curtis Jackson for the meantime, but this story is the craziest story that has ever happened. To prove his potential and succeed in obtaining the coveted title of chosen one, creating his own family that will run the world.

Kurt David Spurr is an Australian-born author who has always lived in the Sutherland shire Cronulla area, but who attended high school at Waverly College. As a child, he was part of the rugby union and played for various teams. Since primary school, he has always had a strong predilection for the study of the English language, and in high school he had become one of the best in his school. He studied very hard with teachers not believing the work that he was coming up with, as he was naturally smarter than the most teachers at such a young age.
All this has led him to try and improve his language skills even more, which he continues to do now, as he writes poetry and stories for fun, to save himself from partying too much. He tried rapping and many other sports and hobbies that have helped him along his journey, trying to find himself. He suffered from psychotic episodes, and this is basically the theme of his first novel, The chosen one. He came up with the novel through a series of events that happened in his life and that, because of his psychotic episodes, made him believe he was the main character of the novel. He has a passion for construction and is currently working in the construction industry as a builder that has finished carpentry trade, almost finished construction management degree and has some subjects left for his builder license. He woke up very early in the morning to write this book, and then went to work. He loves writing so much, it is a passion of mind and he has many stories in his mind that hopefully he can get out there. He’s always grown up on the beach and loves to party. He has a very good family and friends that have stood by his side through very hard times.


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