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The Book is a fictional novel presented as ‘a story within a story’, because the main character is indeed a book that, guiding us through the tale, refines the author’s words to convey them in a more direct and explicit way. The novel represents in fact the author’s conscience, who uses the book as a means to tell not one, but several stories with a single thread, linked together by the theme of the journey and the journey of self-discovery. The book shows us several places visited by the author, which are very different from each other. The theme of the journey is dealt with in the various chapters that go from ‘beginning’ to ‘end’. The reader abandons himself in this journey of words and letters written on paper and he is soon transported into another life and another reality.

Fran Kusters was born in 1954. She is a Belgian writer and visual artist, but she also gives Chakra classes. Twelve years ago she moved from Belgium to the South West of Turkey. This decision meant a huge change in her personal and professional life and influenced her writing. The inspiration for her work came from her discoveries during travels, from nature and from meeting new people, but above all, life is her never-ending inspiration. Even though she is a French and Dutch native speaker, she took the challenge of writing her novel in English.


An Interview With Fran Kuster Contemporary Artist & Author Of “The Book” – ArtDHope Foundation


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