THE BLANKET – Radoslava Antonova Kostadinova

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Pages: 88
Language: English
ISBN 9791220129510

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“Life should not be spent waiting but acting; that there is no point in waiting too long for something to happen, for something to change.
Instead, the necessary things must be done to make things happen faster.
Then he learns to value every moment, to set priorities, to spend as little time, nerves and energy as possible on insignificant things, so that he can embark with inspiration and enthusiasm on activities that make him feel happy and significant.”
The Blanket is a structured and thorough book that contains short stories, essays and general reflections on the everyday life. By reading it, lots of answers, feelings and insights will come up spontaneously.

Radoslava Antonova Kostadinova was born in 1977 in Burgas, a Bulgarian city on the Black Sea.
Her passion for drawing and writing began when she was a child.
She has a master’s degree in painting, and she has sold over 170 paintings in her country and abroad.
Over the years, she has participated in logo and caricature contests, and she has published children’s coloring and illustrated books.
She has worked as a teacher of fine arts in schools and kindergartens and in private manufacturing companies.
The Blanket is her first published book.


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