THE AMAZING BOOK OF ME – Tshimologo Baloyi

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Pages: 47
Language: English
ISBN 9791220117319

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In The Amazing Book of Me, the author brings the reader to discover how amazing and engaging is to learn to manage feelings and boost wellbeing.
It is easier to teach a young mind than a matured one. Through inspiring, meaningful words and significant, vibrant pictures, you are encouraged in a journey to a positive mind for your children. It aims to get kids in the habit of thinking positively about themselves and of life. Mental health awareness is rapidly increasing, and at this stage, prevention is better than cure, especially for the little ones.
The book will improve the quality of relationship between parents/guardians and children, while, nurturing that mindfulness so necessary today.

Tshimologo Baloyi is a Communications Practitioner by profession and holds a BA in Strategic Communication from the University of Johannesburg. Tshimo enjoys arranging letters into meaningful dialogues. She is also a philanthropist, being the founder of an NPO called Chapter Queen, that aims to improve the lives of young girls and women in any way they can.
Since the establishment of the organisation in 2018, they have hosted 3 empowerment events, continuing in 2019.
From the fund raising donations, they could provide toiletry packs to the less fortunate. Chapter Queen has now established a solidarity community whereby women receive a weekly motivational piece with hopes that it inspires change, motivation and self-healing in the long run. Those involved are making great efforts towards the growth of the organisation. Tshimologo Baloyi is an inspiring speaker. Her love for personal development has led her here today, as a first time author from South Africa.


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