SUZA AND THE SHADOW – Joonas Hirvelä – Reelika Tooming

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Pages: 70
Language: English
ISBN 9791220126267

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Suza and The Shadow is the story of a love, sometimes the most difficult to grow between the highs and lows of everyday life: self-love. The story is narrated through the eyes of Suza, who never ceases to devote her life to the well-being of others, rolling her hands even at the cost of sacrificing herself, her rhythms and rest.
With the vivid tones of the drawings by Reelika Tooming, and his simple language, Joonas Hirvelä lets us plunge into the suffocating world of repressed feelings, whose shadow reverberates in the thoughts and reflections of a woman who eventually learns to love herself. Suza and The Shadow helps us understand the value of self-esteem, which is fundamental to cultivate even before dedicating our time to others: it marks the first and most important step in a process of personal change which leads to a responsible relationship between oneself and other people of the world.

Joonas Hirvelä is an author who is interested in empowering people of the world. He writes stories that give readers new perspectives, strength, hope, self-compassion and wisdom. Joonas has studied Early Childhood Education in the University of Helsinki. Joonas is from Finland.

Reelika Tooming is an Illustrator, born in 1991. She graduated from the Tartu Art College in 2016 with a Bachelor Degree in Painting and Painting Restoration and she graduated as an Illustrator in 2021 from the same school. In her creation, she uses bright colours for the expression of rich motives.


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