SIX STEPS – An African-Barbudan-Caribbean Story – Claudia Ruth Francis

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Six Steps is an African-Barbudan-Caribbean story. Charity is born in the city of Leicester in England in 1950. She is an orphan. She lives in a number of foster homes. At the age of ten, she receives a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school and hopes that her loneliness will lessen in her new environment. It is during this period that she discovers her ability to commune with her African ancestors. Charity learns that her grandmother five times removed was kidnapped from Africa in 1813. She is able to relive her ordeal and is introduced to the lives of her subsequent grandmothers born on the island of Barbuda in the Caribbean. Eventually Charity meets her mother and, together with her female forebears, she learns the history of Barbuda, the sister island to Antigua, part of the Leeward Islands. But in 2022, is the island at risk from climate change, home grown gold diggers, foreign designs, and re-colonization? This story is for all of us to contemplate; the recent history of Barbuda suggests a Caribbean future fraught with challenges for our children. It is a story written especially for young adults and the wider public.

Claudia Ruth Francis writes political and historical fact fiction. The popular LION SERIES is set in the UK, Caribbean, and Africa. Her interests are many and include global history and the politics shaping African History on the continent and in the diaspora. She is a graduate of Cardiff and Westminster Universities and a Fellow of Trinity College in the Theory and Practice of Speech. She is widely travelled in Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and North America. Her passions include the welfare and education of children wherever they might be.


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