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Scattered Chatter is a stream of Aphorisms, Thought and Expressions by the author Ronald Kublawi, who enters the depths of his life and the lifes of each of us. The passing of the years makes us aware of the change, of what is past and what is future. Family, life, eternity. The empirical introspection of our thoughts and our experience is what makes us free from ourselves.

“Whatever you are and whatever you wish to become, just be grateful that you are an integral part of the tree, a part of life that God has blessed his hands upon its roots, its heritage, its miraculous make-up, its seasons, its weakness, its strength & its destiny.”


Ronald Kublawi is an American citizen of Lebanese heritage, highly influenced by the writings of Gibran Khalil Gibran. He received a master’s degree from George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. Between 1983 and 2008, he worked as a director of finance for an international venture capital investment company. During 2015 he moved to Dubai, UAE, retiring from finance and established a music production company. Kublawi is also a music producer of the AWE Music Brand (Ambient – World – Euphoric) with over 200 music productions. Currently, Kublawi works as financial consultant for an investment group between Europe and the Middle East. Whether Kublawi is writing Aphorisms or composing music, he believes that he is an expressionist merely transmitting informational energy that he receives from the non-physical world. Never claimed to be a writer or a musician but a mere vehicle of expression. Kublawi lives by the Motto that “Life without the pursuit of passion is a waste of living”. His musical artist name is “Ronnie Bassem”.


MUSICA by Ronnie Bassem

PHOENICIAN – Music, Lyrics & Narration by Ronnie Bassem (Youtube)



A Rain Drop & A Tear Drop – YouTube

JUST BE – YouTube

Sorrow & Happiness – YouTube

Poor Heart – Gibrani Version – YouTube



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