Relationship Intelligence: An Update on the Profile of Long-lasting Marriage – Cherrel J. Francisca

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As a researcher and a practitioner, with multicultural experience, Dr. Cherrel Francisca has great expertise in helping couples make their marriage divorce-resistant. The underlying aim of this well-structured book, that provides a wealth of theoretical knowledge as well as “how-to” advice, is to develop the “relational intelligence” of couples. Each topic is treated from four angles: a) the knowledge that is needed; b) the right attitude that needs to be acquired; c) the skills that must be developed; and d) the traits that are to be formed and at times corrected. It demands time to read Dr. Cherrel Francisca’s very complete book, but it is fully worth it.

Dr. Reinder Bruinsma (PhD from University of London)
Prolific Writer with numerous publications and recipient of Royal Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau

Cherrel Francisca’s book Relationship Intelligence: An Update on the Profile of Long-Lasting Marriages, is an impressive accomplishment. Informed, detailed and comprehensive, it addresses the lack of relational intelligence that lies at the base of much marital breakdown. Consequently, it focuses on developing the competencies needed to produce flourishing marriages. Each chapter concludes with three helpful sections: “Tips and recommendations”; “Concrete actions to take”; “Practical exercises”. It will make a strong contribution to creating and maintaining loving and stable marriages.

Laurence Turner (PhD from Princeton University)
Author and Principal lecturer Emeritus at Newbold College

Many people are currently building their immunity in order to avoid the most serious consequences of becoming infected by the Corona Virus. While at the same time, Relationship Intelligence: An Update on the Profile of Long-Lasting Marriage is presenting another immunity building antidote for divorce immunity and a fulfilled and satisfying experience in marriage.
If you are happily married and is seeking an upgrade, if you are planning a wedding or dreaming of getting married someday, you need to read this book. Dr. Cherrel Francisca has offered priceless information, strategies and counsel that will enrich, positively impact and save not just marriages, but families, that is well timed and long overdue. I whole heartly endorse this book.

June Ann Smith, PhD, LMFT, LCMHC, LCSW, NCC
Chair, Department of Counseling & Development, Long Island University, NY

Cherrel J. Francisca is an accomplished professional with expertise in family life education, counseling, relationship coaching, teaching, and motivational speaking. He has two bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree in Family Relations with emphasis on therapy, and a doctorate (PhD) in Family Life Education and Consultancy. He has been working with NGO and religious organizations; and has been in the counseling and coaching field for over 25 years. Additionally, Cherrel has also worked as a religious leader in churches, as a chaplain at schools, as a spiritual advisor/counselor and as president of religious organizations. He has also created the first competency and research-based marital and relationship educational program and is actively involved in providing both premarital as well as marital education.


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