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Positive spiral: a simple self-care list is a list of advice that the author gives to the reader with the aim of making the learning about well-being easier for everybody. Starting from the experience of the fireman Tim and his family, in each chapter the author outlines a specific matter, describing it and trying to give the correct advice to the reader. The book is accompanied by a series of images and a description, with the aim of highlighting the problem and proposing a possible alternative.

Ana Planinc was born in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1988. After a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical science, she moved to Brussels where she did her PhD in analytical science. She became a mother in 2015, which encouraged her to learn more about well-being.
She felt the need to know more about life and society so she started working on her personality by exploring different fields. She loves photography, reading and writing.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    My wife and I have been reading the book for several months, one to four chapters per week. At the same time, you are constantly thinking about the content of what was said: which approaches to improve the quality of life you already use and which you don’t, which new proposed approaches to improve the quality of life might be useful for you and which might not, where you agree with the author and where you disagree, etc. Reading encourages you to evaluate and assess your life so far and to think about what you would still try to change. Therefore, it is understandable that a careful reading of such a book cannot be quicker.
    We were surprised by how widely the author tried to cover all possible elements of the quality of living. No one is capable of realizing all the proposed recommendations, but for everyone there are certainly quite a few suitable ones, and the realization of at least some of them can lead to personal growth and a positive spiral of quality of life.
    Personally, I also liked the conclusion of the book that are in the last two chapters, before the chapter with references. Above all, the author’s honest, simple and direct address and encouragement to the reader to try to change his or her life. Sincere, positive energy is felt in every word. Every, even the smallest change is important and there are countless possible ways to improve the quality of life.
    We are glad that we read the book.
    P.S.: We really liked the pictures in the book. Simple, but artistic, which at the same time effectively supplement the content of the chapters.

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