POETRY FOR THE SOUL – Charmaine Austen-Dreyer

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Pages: 47
Language: English
ISBN 9791220115339

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Poetry for the Soul is a stream of consciousness about everything that concerns the human soul and even more about the life itself that flows in it.
An excursus in the depths of the ego.
Words, as food for our Self.
A labyrinth in ourselves.

Charmaine Austen-Dreyer is a writer of poetry, short stories and non-fiction novels. She is a full-time writer and has published articles in Faith Writers. Her work has also been heard over the radio. Charmaine was born in South Africa and she and her husband now reside in Sydney, Australia. She has two children and two furry babies. As a business woman and entrepreneur for all her adult life, she is creative and focused; known for giving attention to detail. She loves the writing word and is always looking for opportunities to enhance her world.

The Author’s Official Website: http://www.charmaineaustendreyer.com/


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