POEMS – Finn

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Pages: 45
Language: English
ISBN 9791220124355

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Poems is a modern collection in which the young poet courageously gives access to their inner world, by exposing their feelings and narrating some common emotional situation which might sound familiar to lots of people. Indeed, the poet does not shy away from the truth of how they feel about life, family, and the society in which they live. They draw inspiration from what they see and through a modern, fresh, and intimate style of writing, let the reader know how – who and what is around make them feel in the attempt to find meaning to the hardships of everyday life.

Finn is a 17-year-old high school Mexican graduate of 2022, who has studied and spoken English for the majority of their life. They now can hope to live the way they wished for, and keep in close touch with the people that supported them throughout these rough pandemic times; such as N.O and A.B . They appreciate all of the support. This is their first published novel and wishes to make a connection with the audience, hopefully, the reader will enjoy it.


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