PLAYING CHESS WITH THE DEVIL – Vicente Gonzalvo Navarro

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In Playing Chess with the Devil – Worlds Situation in a Nutshell, the Author offers a remarkable essay which can be considered a valid instrument to reflect about Humankind destiny. A deep study and research of great interest, as he says, to “all those attentive to the study of national security, geopolitics, economics, and interactions between states that may have, soon, obvious consequences for worlds safety”. History has always taught us that understanding its root causes is essential if we are to prevent future conflicts.
Interesting insights on the art of war, illuminating and cultured digressions on the whole world chessboard make this essay one of the most brilliant examples of reflection on highly topical issues.

Vicente Gonzalvo Navarro, was born in 1973, in Spain. Raised in a military family he belongs to the Armada; he is an officer of the Spanish Marine Corps since 1997. During his military assignments he has commanded different units, such as the Second Marines Battalion (Tercio de Armada), developing an intense professional life in different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. He has a PhD in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid and is a recognized author. Has lived and followed many of the conflicts and tensions he explains and analyses in this book, giving his unique point of view and contributing in this sense to the diffusion of the knowledge in the security and international relations domain.


Book Launch – 17/03/2023 – Naples, Italy (Photos)

Book Launch – 24/03/2023 – Tartu, Estonia (Photo) 

Book Launch – 22/05/2023 – Salerno, Italy (Flyer) 

Book Launch – 31/05/2023 – Lublin, Poland (Photo)


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