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Operation Ransac – Conspiracy is the true account of what happened to Eric R. Biddle, the same author of this book, at the hands of the Toronto Police starting in late October 1986. The book retraces the horrendous conditions he was exposed to in a year and a half of wrongful custody before sentencing. Also covered are the attempts on his life orchestrated by the police during the eight years and a half of custody. But the most interesting coverage is the actual criminal conspiracy to convict and silence him about the shocking investigation of the African National Congress or ANC in Canada. The other amazing aspect of the Eric R. Biddle story is that there was, and continues to be, a total media blackout on him. Biddle was falsely accused of attacking women and later decided to flee from Canada to Spain first and then to Finland, a true democracy. Biddle was finally cleared of criminal charges in July 2018.

Eric R. Biddle was born on February 28,1950 in Vancouver, Canada. As a young man near Montreal he was very good at sports, but had to work hard at studies. After high school his parents encouraged him to distance himself from the bad influence of one friend. So, he accepted the offer of UBC in Vancouver and enrolled at age 17. After a year he returned east to study at Queens in Kingston, Ontario. During his four years at Queens he lived with his family for economic reasons. His summer jobs paid for tuition.
After seven years working in the textile field for DuPont he resigned and moved to British Columbia. There he worked as a teacher. Seeking a better life he moved to Zimbabwe for some time. The poor conditions and bleak future of Africa decided him to return to Canada. This is the time when he got involved in intelligence work. After being wrongly imprisoned for eight and a half years, he fled Canada first to Spain and then to Finland, a true democracy. Teaching gave him an income in both countries. Now he enjoys writing.


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