NO F’ IN(G) MURDER – Mavis-Christine Bedford

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Pages: 88
Language: English
ISBN 9791220125680

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Coming to grips with the plot of this play is one of the challenges that you will be facing when watching it because nobody is who you think they are. Just like in real life when browsing on the web, it can be “just an illusion”! It is easy to say that Jim, Sally, and Greg take us along the winding road of a Cornelian drama, but the discoveries that you will endeavour to make will come from the absurdity and antics spoken and acted by the protagonists delving in irony. The absurd is central to the theme of this narrative and builds the magic of the play, shell shocked with verbal and active interactivity torpedoed at the spectators.
The pedagogical aspect of this play is no mystery to anybody discovering this unique experience of an out-of-the-ordinary story leading us to laugh at our own life experiences.
No F’in(g) Murder is part of a collection called The Virtual Dreaming ConneXtion, available also in French.

Mavis-Christine Bedford was born in the very north of England then immigrated to Australia where she stayed for four years. On returning to England, she fell in love with a French man and has spent the rest of her life in France, first in the north then now in the south. She has a dog who takes her walking, and many hobbies such as cooking and baking her own bread.
Mavis-Christine is fascinated by the chateaux and cathedrals in France and likes studying the symbolic thought that went into their building. She is also a linguist and enjoys learning new languages. Mavis-Christine is the author of five adventure stories expressing the dangerousness and violence of ending modern-day slavery, currently writing the sixth. She has a son and four grandchildren and is in love with Provence, a land which inspires her creativity in the natural beauty of the village where she has been living for the past five years.

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