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My Sea of Freedom explores the life of Irena through its ups and downs, challenges, and successes. Certain situations led her to the thought of taking her own life, and she struggled with those thoughts for a long time. Her life seemed useless, like a black hole with all hope, happiness, and love sucked out, but she always pushed forward and didn’t act out on those thoughts.
With My Sea of Freedom, she wants to give hope to all the young girls out there that are struggling: things in life can be challenging, but we are capable of overcoming anything. There are a lot of young people who feel lost and need to find their way out of problematic families… Her story will inspire them to work things out.

Born in eastern Serbia, Irena Nešić is a determined young woman who has always fought for her freedom. For years, she has been thinking about writing a book about her life and achievements… But also the struggles that helped her become the strong and fierce woman she is today. With her biography, Irena wants to show that if you’re a free and independent woman, you have the right to make your own choices, not the ones that society, family, and friends tell you to make.
Despite all the negative experiences she has been through, today Irena has no limits and continues to succeed. All is possible in life if we are respectful and positive towards our existence, other people, and our world.





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