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What happens when a mother does not or cannot love her daughter? My Broken Mug: The Memoir of an Unwanted Daughter focuses on explaining what it feels like to be rejected by your own mother. An eye-opening journey in the life of Beatrice, the unappreciated daughter: she examines her mother’s toxic behavior by pointing out the emotional trauma she had endured during the first two decades of her life. The impact this had on her life shaped the blueprint for most of her relationships during adulthood, where she experienced rejection once again: she went through two divorces and faced physical and emotional abuse by her second husband.
For most of her life, Beatrice lacked self-confidence and struggled to control her emotions until she experienced a period of profound Spiritual Awakening that led to many positive changes, some of which are still ongoing.
Today, she spreads the Word of God and uses her negative experiences to help others.

A chosen disciple of God, Beatrice Lotter, is a Pastor from South Africa. Her whole life is a testimony to how a person can overcome challenging circumstances and obstacles. She is a daughter born out of wedlock whose name was later changed to Annemarie by the will of her stepfather’s family. Nevertheless, she rightfully took back what was hers: her original identity. Over the years, Beatrice has blossomed into a spiritual leader who helps others understand that they can get through any difficulties that come in their way, just like she did. Despite the many hurdles, she always managed to pick herself back up and move forward because even in dark places, there is light. Today, Beatrice encourages others to receive God’s guidance and love, and, not surprisingly, her name means “she who brings happiness”: God has given her a gift and, it is indeed a blessing to be around her.



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