LOVING YOUR LIVER – Hrvoje Miletic – Simon Taylor-Robinson

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Loving Your Liver. The Complete Guide to Liver Detox is a comprehensive guide to liver “maintenance”. Written in a simple and intuitive way, it helps understand what the liver is, what it does, how it works, how it is affected by our lifestyle, the most common diseases that can affect it and most importantly, how to take care of it. Of course, the key to a good liver detox lies in nutrition and for this very reason the learning journey with Hrvoje Miletic and Simon Taylor-Robinson ends with a section entirely dedicated to a number of delicious recipes that are good for the liver without sacrificing taste.

Hrvoje Miletic is a noted food expert in Croatia and across Europe. He holds international diplomas in culinary affairs and in management. Hrvoje’s experience in the United Kingdom and across Europe has moulded his culinary experience and flair. He is currently a food researcher and entrepreneur, using his skills to help people lead a healthy lifestyle. His considerable expertise is reflected in the book.

Simon Taylor-Robinson is a medical doctor. He trained as a gastroenterologist and hepatologist. He has conducted medical research on liver disease with projects around the world. During his career, he has combined being a clinical doctor with liver expertise with being a medical researcher and a teacher at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. He also holds several honorary Professorial appointments at institutions in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia.


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