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LEYLA’S COFFEE This story tells the intertwined lives of a family coming from a small village in Turkey, Milas. Starting from the first pages, Love, filled with virtuous and pure feelings of compassion, respect and loyalty emerge in all their beauty. A story that digs deep into the human soul, where weakness, alcohol, due to addictions can really change the life of the people, annihilating and ravaging day by day. A fiction story that brings the reader to reflect on how important the human values are, that the author so empathetically describes, with continuous suspense and twists, a quirk of life, look at the fate that the girl you adopted will eventualy become an autistic and raise her indefatigably. Through a simple, natural, flowing, and special writing style, the author enchants the reader, making him\her a part of the plot, in a process of identification of pains and joys. Will Justice triumph with Human Rights and Law?
Will all the sacrifices and efforts reattach pieces of suffered and scattered existences?

David Levi was born in Milas – Turkey in 1948. After graduated in 1972 from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering in Ankara, Turkey, he completed his Master’s Degree at the Haifa Technical University in 1982. His professional life started as a refinery engineer and continued as a director.
He started writing in 2010. Meaningful and rich personal relationships and values are the main subjects of his books, written with a fine sense of humor to emphasize significant issues. Turkish mother tongue, he knows English, Hebrew and Spanish. He has written five books.



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