LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTH WORKERS – Obinna Oleribe – Frederick Nwosu – Simon D Taylor Robinson

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Pages: 949
Language: English
ISBN 9791220121224

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This is a step-by-step guide to organized leadership and management drawn from decades of field experiences by the authors. This book teaches about when to exercise leadership and when to pursue proactive management. In a world where people are afraid to get involved, this book suggests that active engagement in leadership can be quite rewarding as long as the followers know and agree with the desired destination.
The book is a synthesis of many years of experiences by over 30 well-accomplished professionals and scholars, each bringing his or her unique qualities, vision, and wisdom to the project.
The authors discuss group dynamics and team building and how to manage respectfully within an organization. The book devoted specific chapters on nurses and nursing education and their unique roles as the workhorses of healthcare sustainability in the developing world. Dr. Oleribe and his colleagues have produced a comprehensive work with insights on leadership and management with a distinct African flavour, covering the spectrum of healthcare leadership and management.
The aim is to help grow future leadership and management teams organically in Africa and beyond.



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