KEYS TO AIR – Oussama Safraoui

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Pages: 68
Language: English
ISBN 9791220118385

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Keys to air offers an exciting and educative adventure around the world. It will guide you through an intriguing journey full of riddles and hints, while learning about geography, history, science and global warming.
The adventure follows the two protagonists, Mohab and Afifa, as they travel to the seven continents looking for seven keys to save the village from an imminent environmental catastrophe. The keys represent precious moral values and life lessons taught by the Sage of the village in a simple and fun way.

Oussama Safraoui is an elementary school teacher. He is author of the previous book Mirrors And Water. His aim is to teach children positive values and crucial life skills to help them build strong personalities, and be good, happy and creative people who strive to make the world a better place.
He works on developing children’s characters in a way that makes them grow up balanced and successful as they face personal and professional challenges. He wrote a collection of 17 short stories that teach moral values and life skills such as determination, sense of responsibility, respect, friendship and teamwork, and a story for children about global warming.


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